KMC, formerly known as Kuwaiti Manager Company, has worked hard to establish a reputation for excellence. Our reputation is earned by how we operate our business; we are driven by our values and our ethics, standards and commitment have always been at the forefront of our operations. KMC has maintained ISO certification; this shows our dedication and commitment to excellence and quality.

KMC has met challenges across the region in its primary business areas of project management and contracting, while developing strategic partnerships both in Kuwait and throughout the Middle East. The human factor plays a vital role in the expansion of KMC as a regional player in the contracting business; we understand that our senior management has a significant role to play in our success and quality of services. Among them, we have expertise in all areas in which we operate. We are committed to delivering quality services with direction and trust in our capabilities.

Moving forward as KMC, we see the Gulf region and the Middle East in general as vital markets for development;capitalizing on the construction boom in the region by expanding our presence into the other GCC countries. We look forward- ensuring the company maximize what we believe are outstanding growth opportunities for KMC in the years to come focusing on our business activities including Contracting, Management, Interior, Electromechanical, Building Materials & Equipment, Readymix, and Property & Facility Management; and expanding our scope and potentials by penetrating the infrastructure, agriculture, and oil & gas civil works, markets. Our growth is fuelled by a number of new projects within the KMC portfolio that will help our development as an international business in our areas of expertise and increasingly enable us to be considered to be the ‘right-hand’ of our clients and preferred business partners.

Basel Abdalrahman Al Baker